2024, 2025 Weekly Schedule Templates

Creating a Weekly Schedule Template for the year 2024 is not difficult but sometime you don’t want to spend time creating a weekly planner, then our creator tool is a good way to save time and plan ahead. All of our planner templates are fully compatible with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

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Weeks in July 2024: 26 - 27 - 28 - 29 - 30

July 2024 Weekly Calendar

TimeSun, Jun 30 Mon, Jul 1 Tue, Jul 2 Wed, Jul 3 Thu, Jul 4 Fri, Jul 5 Sat, Jul 6
06:00 am              
06:30 am              
07:00 am              
07:30 am              
08:00 am              
08:30 am              
09:00 am              
09:30 am              
10:00 am              
10:30 am              
11:00 am              
11:30 am              
12:00 pm              
12:30 pm              
01:00 pm              
01:30 pm              
02:00 pm              
02:30 pm              
03:00 pm              
03:30 pm              
04:00 pm              
04:30 pm              
05:00 pm              
05:30 pm              
06:00 pm              

Download 2024 Weekly Schedule Templates

Weekly Schedule Template is one of the easiest methods for time and task management. It helps to stay organized and keep track of all projects and responsibilities. Our free online weekly schedule template is here to help you do just that. Start by choosing a template for any month below and quickly customizing it to suit your needs.

Weekly Schedule Type

A weekly calendar can have many different forms and applications.

How To Use a Weekly Schedule Calendar?

A weekly schedule template can be personalized in many ways. It may look like a calendar or more like an advanced table. It’s a flexible system that can have many configurations.

Our schedule templates are available for both word and excel version that you can easily modify.

1. Open the Weekly Schedule Template then insert courses, labs, or other commitments which happen at the same time each week.

2. Use the Merge and Center button if a commitment requires more than one timeslot.

3. Use Fill Color feature to assign a colour to each course or type of commitment.

4. Save your personalized schedule.

5. Print your template or share it with your friends.

Who Can Use a Schedule Planner Templates?

There are different options for a weekly planner suitable for everyone. Take a look at our comprehensive list

If you want to switch from a weekly view of your schedule to a daily view then we have daily schedule calendar for you.